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Woodruffs of Winchester  - Bath and Body company in Winchester

The Shop

The shop sells an eclectic mix of bath and body products for men and women with leading brands such as Molton Brown, Crabtree & Evelyn, Noble Isle, Cowshed and Jack Black.
Home accessories are lead by Ritzenhoff whose drinking glasses are the most zany and diverse you have seen. There are also room fragrances centered around Dr Vranjes from Italy and Geodesis from France.

Things you have said

I just wanted to let you know that this is the first time I've ordered product from you. It was the most customer friendly and efficient delivery service I have experienced in a long time. Thank you. 
Lachlan Bolt, Halifax 
I feel compelled to write to you to complement your Company on the level of service you have provided to me on the above transaction. I have never experienced such an efficient system and service before. 
Johny D, Winchester 
Can I say, that your speed of service is exemplary. The package arrived yesterday morning just before 8am. I will definitely recommend your company to family and friends.
R Smigth, Auchtermuchtie 

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Woodruffs Limited - Swiss Railway Watch Straps

Swiss Railway Watch Straps

Mondaine Watch Straps

We currently hold a full range of mondaine straps which are listed below. If you need advice how to fit or maintain your replacement watch strap we have a video which helps: (How to fit your Mondaine watch strap video).

Finding the correct strap on our site depends on usually four things: stitching or plain, colour, width and length and buckle finish.

To make your selection easier, we have split the straps into three categories -

the main stream straps (on this page) match the most popular watches - scroll down to view.

There are also "Specials" - variations on the theme which Mondaine unveil from time to time either to mark a special edition or a shop special editions (john Lewis for example).

There is a third category "release the inner you" which shows you fashion variations in watch straps which will fit the majority of the popular watches, but show a distinctive variation in colour or style.

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looking for replacement Mondaine watch straps?

How to find and fit your Mondaine replacement watch strap

Four criteria to find the correct strap

    • Stitching - does the strap have it or is it plain? The most popular Mondaine watches have plain, without stitching.  If it has stitching, it is either white or black.

    • Material - black or red leather, woven mesh or steel bracelet.  Not all sizes come in all materials or colours.

    • Size - ie the width of the strap.  On the rear of the strap, usually on the end of the "tail" side that goes into the buckle, is a number.  Because of wear, you may need to angle a light on it to make it clearer.  This number (12,16,or 18 for example) is the width size in mm.  Alternatively, or if the number is not visible, the width of the strap is determined by the gap between the two stanchions or shoulders into which the strap nestles.  Use a ruler to measure this gap - but beware that the differences between the sizes is only 2mm and this is where the care is required.  Don't measure the strap as it may have stretched.

      You also need to know the length of the strap.  Most Mondaine watches come in a standard length at purchase.  It this is too tight, maybe an XL version would be more comfortable; but not all straps have an XL option

    • Buckle finish - easily explained by:

      Shiny stainless Steel = white faced watches with a shiny case.
      Mat brushed stainless steel = black faced watches with the same finish on the case
      Black plated buckle
      Black Ion Plated stainless steel = usually the watch has the same black case.


Fitting your mondaine watch strap

Fitting the strap is easy, but slightly fiddly, so make sure you allow time to do it correctly.  The straps come with a web link to instructions on how to fit.

Many jewellers will fit the strap for you, but of course they will charge.  If you fancy a bit of DIYing watch the video (below) with exact instructions.  To make the task easier we also sell a springbar removal tool which is featured on the pages.

Fitting your Mondaine watch strap video

If you have purchased a Mondaine woven steel mesh strap, read how to adjust it here.